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Property owners’ group law at issue in Assembly, court (access required)

Virginia has 9,000 such associations

With fast-track legislation at the state Capitol intended to provide a quick fix for concerns in one Virginia community, and claims of racketeering going to trial in another, the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act remains a lightning rod for controversy and litigation. Sen. Jill H. Vogel, R-Warrenton, last week won quick Senate approval for proposed amendments ...


  1. SB 6016 was referred to a subcimitte for further study. A senior Staff attorney at the Viginia Attorney General’s Office has suggested durnig the Commission hearings (although I understand that he did not testify) that the bill, as drafted, is probably unconstitutional. As a result, the bill will be held over until a future legislative seesion and will not be further considered during this summer’s special transportation session. Please call Wayne Travell at 703.584.8903 for additional information or questions. I am counsel for the Bemis Plainitffs in the case of Bemis v. Lake Holiday Country Club, Inc. pending in Frederick County. This is the law suit SB 6016 was drafted to influence for the defendants.

  2. Wayne,

    While that bill is directed at the Lake Holiday situation to undercut the Supreme Courts rulings in several other cases mostly involving Dogwood Valley.

    What this bill will do as I read it, will allow any homeowners association anywhere in the State to simply rewrite the deeds of any homeower to allow their inclusion under an HOA. This is specifically what DVCA inc. and their attorney has been trying to do since 1998.

    This bill as written will allow the HOA’s to simply change the language of any deed so that it allows the HOA managers or boards to do whatever they have in mind.

    Jill Vogel is a lacky for the CAI attorneys who are pushing this all over the country.

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