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Analysis of legal bills used to criticize school board

The school board in King George County has been defending itself in court against a claim that it improperly handled a student’s discipline appeal. The case has been followed closely by the local paper, The Journal Press. In this latest article about the controversy, the newspaper reviews the detailed entries on the bills from the school board’s lawyers (Pat Lacy and Stacy Haney with Reed Smith) to draw conclusions about when the board should have known that it’s legal position was flawed.  (We should note that the suggested flaws have not been fully tested, as the case still is pending.)  Of course, the amount of the legal bills also comes in for criticism.

We have to wonder if local government attorneys now will make it a point to request vaguely-worded descriptions of legal work from outside counsel, to avoid public parsing of the bills to speculate on what advice was given when by the lawyers.

By Peter Vieth

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