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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…

Highway 220, the road leading to and from The Homestead, was covered with campaign signs for Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore in preface to Saturday’s VBA debate. Advantage: Warner.  

The more recent ex-gov clearly won the sign war up and down the highway. A couple of completely anecdotal observations:

Warner was out earlier. There didn’t seem to be any Gilmores on the road on Thursday afternoon as attendees at the VBA summer do rolled in.

Warner had more. Given the press reports about the size of the candidates’ respective war chests, that’s no surprise. Warner’s were bigger too (see the pic).

Warner went further north up 220 and further south down 220, almost to Covington.

Warner had a little “Warnermobile” tooting around town. Okay, it was a pickup truck with big signs. Gilmore had to hate that.

He had to hate this too: Someone had fashioned and posted a lot of “McCain for President, Warner for U.S. Senate” placards along the highway. Those disappeared from the side of the road quickly after the debate, for some reason.

By Paul Fletcher

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