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Thief picks wrong place for “crime wave”

Note to self: Don’t swipe a surfboard at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach when Virginia’s prosecutors are meeting there.

A couple of would-be wave riders apparently tried just that, only to run afoul of Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney (and surfer) Ray Morrogh.

We hear that Morrogh was leaving a Thursday afternoon meeting at the Cavalier when he spotted someone carrying his surfboard (a 9-foot Velzy) and challenged the man. In the ensuing scuffle, Morrogh suffered a broken foot, but gamely charged after the alleged thief and made the collar.

Two men and a teenaged girl are accused of attempted larceny. Morrogh regained his board, but lost the chance to use it this past weekend. He is on the mend with crutches, a boot cast, and new item on his resume.

By Peter Vieth

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