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New York, New York

A few entries from the notebook after a couple of days in New York City, Gotham, The Big Apple…

The American Bar Association started its annual meeting in New York on Thursday and they say 10,000 attendees will be here at some point during the week-long do. In the early 1990s, the ABA was roundly criticized for taking political positions, virtually all with a leftward tilt. Take a look at this year’s schedule of meetings and you’ll notice they’re not shying away from politics, they just now include rightward-leaning speakers, even Republicans.

The long-running Brett Favre saga finally came to a close last week, and he’s heading from Green Bay to…here. He’s now “Broadway Brett” of the New York Jets.

Headline I wish I’d written, in the New York Post on the day the trade was announced: “Jet Favre!” Maybe it’s obvious, but I liked it.

Heroes come easy here. Went to the NY Mets-Florida Marlins game at Shea Stadium last night, and there was a guy with a green-and-white Number 4 jersey bearing the newest Jet’s name. If you kind of ignore the green-and-gold Green Bay striping, it really _could_ be Favre’s Jets jersey. Some guy with a table along 42nd Street probably has them available this morning.

Shea is a kind of a dump, but there is a gorgeous new ballpark, Citi Field, rising just next to it. Its brick facade and entrance are built on the model of old Ebbets Field. Some guy told me you have to pay $5,000 for a seat license just to get the right to buy season tickets. Guess that’s how you pay for all those bricks.

It was a beautiful night for a ball game. The Mets beat the Marlins, 3-0. David Wright and Carlos Delgado went yard, bringing up the so-cheesy-it’s-great Home Run Apple twice. Wonder if that Apple is moving next door.

Some stereotypes need to die: New Yorkers are not rude. In three days here, I’ve seen the following scenario at least three times. Obviously lost tourists look at their map or guidebook, then at the street names, then back at the map. Local approaches lost tourists and provides helpful directions and a friendly smile. That’s the way to kill ’em, I’d say.

By Paul Fletcher

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