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Seemed like a good idea at the time

Salem (Mass.) State College must have thought it had a pretty good pair of guest speakers lined up for September. It announced plans to host “A Conversation with John & Elizabeth Edwards.”

In light of the past week, that could be a pretty short talk.

Presumably it was supposed to be a discussion of Elizabeth Edwards’s battle against breast cancer and how the couple dealt with those issues.

But John Edwards, the Democrats’ 2004 VP nominee and an erstwhile 2008 candidate for president, made a public confession after he was outed for having an affair with a film maker hired to follow his campaign. He still claims that he is not the father of the woman’s child.

The Salem News is reporting that despite a fair bit of consternation, locals want the show to go on, and the college itself is determined to host the “conversation.” Left more or less out of the discussion is the fact the Edwardses have a contract to appear and presumably will receive some kind of fee. If the school broke said contract, let’s just say John was a top-notch trial lawyer in his day and knows how to sue people.

Salem has had a pretty strong Puritan streak in the past; perhaps someone will suggest that John wear a scarlet “A” for the talk.

Not known is whether the Edwardses will entertain questions from the audience.

By Paul Fletcher

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