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Where is Vick’s money?

vickThat seems to be a key question for U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank Santoro as he seeks to make sense of Michael Vick’s financial affairs.

As reported in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Santoro has ordered a hearing on Sept. 5 to explore the quarterback’s finances.  Questions have arisen about the reliability of both Vick’s “trusted advisor” and his business manager, and the U.S. Trustee has moved to step in to protect Vick’s assets.

An earlier hearing, set for Aug. 22, concerns the status of Vick’s former advisor, David Talbot.  Santoro has ordered Talbot to appear.

Meanwhile there is talk that Vick, who has less than a year to serve on his dog fighting convictions, might be quarterbacking a team in the new United Football League in 2009.

By Peter Vieth

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