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Spam: The Next Generation

Spam, i.e., unwanted e-mail, won’t go away. At least the spammers are getting funnier.

Check out your spam filter some time to see what’s been blocked. Use the same care and caution you’d use when opening a full trash can that’s been sitting out in the summer sun a few days. You can’t be sure what’s in there.

Okay, quickly delete the usual enhancement product items and anything that mentions Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

Don’t bother to ponder how “Christian debt consolidation” differs from heathen bankruptcy.

Ignore the items with insults in the message line: “Hey [your name] you look pretty stupid.”

Some spammers have a new tactic in their efforts to get you to open their messages: humor. In the past month, my spam filter caught all of the following items, which come in the guise of a phony news alert:

“Three Italian college students purchase Kansas City Royals for 500 euros.” With their record, you’d believe it.

“Stonehenge was ‘Part of Crazy Golf Course for Giant Race of Humans.’” And the English Channel is a water hazard?

“Bush sells Louisiana back to France.” Here’s hoping he got a good price.

And my personal favorite:

“Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven not up to code.” Now there’s a premises claim in the making….

By Paul Fletcher

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