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Lunchin’ with the judge

judgeWe note with interest that Roanokers soon will enjoy a new downtown dining option with a legal theme.

According to this item in The Roanoke Times, “Judges Chambers,” a breakfast and lunch place, will be opening within walking distance of the state and federal courts in the Star City. The menu will be titled “The Docket.”

The VLW editorial staff (who shall remain shameless) cannot resist offering some selections for the bill of fare.

-How about chicken noodle subpoena for starters?

-For your entrée, choose from motion in linguine, jambalawyer, or — for dieters — the mechanic’s lean plate.

-Beverages include pendente lite beer or champagne-and-suffering.

-And, for dessert, there’s joint custardy.

Bon appétit.


  1. What, no tortes on the menu?

  2. Fantastic food 5 stars

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