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Will the VSB renew Fastcase? (access required)

You’ve done your research and you’re ready to represent your client, a Virginia Beach night club, in a challenge to the local noise ordinance. Case law in hand, you head to court. There may not be controlling Virginia authority, but using your Virginia State Bar Fastcase account, you found a Wisconsin case to cite to the judge. Excuse ...


  1. I think VSB may be overlooking a segment of the market for Fastcase. There are licensed attorneys “imbedded” in management positions at various state agencies. I am the EEO manager for a large state agency and use Fastcase in connection with responses to EEO complaints. I know there are other attorneys in state agencies who need access to a tool like this.

  2. What about all the cases that are simply not there? The citator is one issue but isn’t it malpractice to knowingly NOT search all the material available? One wouldn’t go to the library and say “It’s too much trouble to walk around to the other shelf to look at those cases, so I’m only going to to look at these”.

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