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Our photo banner: an explanation

Goodbye, puppy.

The VLW Blog Dog has gone away.

Readers who stopped by yesterday may have been puzzled to see a picture of a dog frolicking in the grass at the top of the VLW Blog. Actually, it was the south end of a northbound puppy (see pic at right).

The reason: We’ve installed a new, cleaner “theme” for the VLW Blog. The theme provides an opportunity to post a picture, but the default snap for our new theme, until it’s changed, is that pooch.

We’ve replaced Bowser with our standard photo banner, which represents all parts of the commonwealth. Since we’ve never taken the opportunity to explain it, here you go (from left to right):

  • Northern Virginia – the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington
  • The Valley – Shenandoah Caverns
  • Central Virginia – the Washington statue on the Capitol Grounds in Richmond
  • The Peninsula – the Colonial Capitol in Williamsburg
  • Hampton Roads – the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
  • Southside – the Tobacco Warehouse District in Danville
  • Southwest Virginia – White’s Mill outside of Abingdon

By Paul Fletcher

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  1. Its amazing where a Google news feed can take you! Thank you for posting a photo of Shenandoah Caverns on your site. Next time you would like to visit, please contact me.
    Allison Dugan
    Director of Marketing and Sales

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