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OK, don’t find it on Facebook (any more, anyway)

Sharon Nelson of Sensei Enterprises Inc., the Fairfax-based computer forensics firm, and her husband/business partner John Simek were in Grundy recently to deliver a talk at the Appalachian School of Law.

Sharon and John went to talk about marketing one’s self online, including a number of warnings about employers using Facebook to check on applicants. The pics and text on Facebook and other social sites can turn into electronic evidence, they observed. Note how this post dovetails off this morning’s item from the L.A. Times on juror research on Facebook.

A worried young man hung around afterward and asked if his JAG officer application might be impacted. Yes, the Sensei duo nodded, the federal government routinely does checks on FB. The young man bolted. “Got some work to do on my Facebook page,” he said on his way out.

Sharon’s account is available in a post on her blog, “Ride the Lightning.” Don’t miss her culture-clash details about the trip.

By Paul Fletcher

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