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That dog won’t hunt

As we noted in the Daily Alert today, U.S. District Judge James P. Jones took away Buchanan County’s “Big Coon Dog” jury verdict.  The opinion is available at the Western District’s Web site.

The county, whose elected officials took bribes to hand out flood clean up work, was attempting to recover its alleged overpayments to contractors.  The case foundered on the lack of hard evidence of the amount of any overpayment.

Bristol lawyer Steve Minor, lamenting the extinguishment of his $500,000 jury verdict for the county, recalls that he once prevailed on a motion before Judge Jones to strike a jury verdict.  “Such is the ebb and flow of this profession,” he writes on his blog.

Buchanan County had already received more than $1 million in funds forfeited by those accused of paying bribes, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

By Peter Vieth

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