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A techie gets picky with the spam opinion

internet-slashdotWe often cringe when lawyers try to describe technology that they know little about.  (See my earlier post where I try to figure out what a “wireless mesh” is.)

It’s not surprising, then, that the Supreme Court of Virginia comes in for some criticism from an Internet commentator when it takes on the issue of anonymous e-mails.  In this Slashdot post, Bennett Haselton writes, “The clear-cut technical fact is that, contrary to the court’s ruling, forged e-mail headers do not provide true anonymity when sending mail, whereas there are other, legal, ways of sending mail that do make the sender truly anonymous.”

Of course, it is not surprising that the tech-minded author gets the law a bit muddled while trying to explain why the Court got the technology wrong.  See the comments below the linked article for a thorough airing of the issues as to ignorance of the law versus ignorance of technology.

By Peter Vieth

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