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Beach gives candidate its seal of disapproval

sealA candidate for mayor of Virginia Beach is under fire for using a slightly modified version of the city seal on his campaign literature.  The city clerk sent an e-mail to the campaign office of Scott Taylor: “The Virginia Beach City Seal is trademarked and intended to be used only for official city documents.”   The clerk demanded that Taylor remove the seal from his signs.

taylorTaylor (right) has a defense, though — he’s modified the seal.  His literature shows a seal with the circle of leaping marlins removed.  That’s the outer circle in the official seal (above).  Also removed are the name of the city and the words “Landmarks of Our Nation’s Beginning.”

So, Taylor argues, it’s not the official seal on his brochures and signs.

Virginia Beach officials are not persuaded.  According to The Virginian-Pilot, the city attorney’s office is considering the impact of the seal modifications.

By Peter Vieth

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