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No gas crisis for this guy…

army fuelA former defense contractor pleaded guilty this week to taking part in a scheme to steal U.S. Army fuel worth nearly $40 million.  According to a Justice Department news release, Lee Dubois, 32, and his cohorts used phony documents to refill trucks again and again with aviation and diesel fuel at an Army base in Iraq.  The gang took about 10 million gallons of fuel and sold it on the black market, with Dubois personally pocketing at least $450,000.

He’ll be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in Alexandria.

We’re glad they caught him.  We wish they had caught him about 9.5 million gallons ago.

The picture, by the way, is NOT Dubois.  It’s an Army photo used for illustration purposes only.

By Peter Vieth

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