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NY Times sends a Valentine to Judge Clark

martin clarkAnyone holding their breath waiting for the New York Times to publish its anticipated review of Circuit Judge Martin Clark’s novel “The Legal Limit” must have long since turned blue and passed out.  Relief came this month with a glowing appreciation written by author Allison Glock:

“Clark’s real strength is his familiarity with the material. He knows the law. He knows his people, how small-town life can be a solace and a cell, how the past informs and haunts, how men will never stop finding new ways to wound one another, family especially.”

She winds up with an admonition close to our hearts :

“Clark embraces the cupidity and stupidity of human nature, the innate complexities and contradictions, the fact that when times are at their worst, we are often not at our best. And how, at those times, it pays to know a good lawyer.”

By Peter Vieth

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