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Welcome worn out

It takes a lot to try the patience of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

A persistent pro se litigant who used his pauper status to file multiple lawsuits and appeals without paying any filing fees has finally been shown the door at the appeals court, but only after amassing a formidable record of unsuccessful appeals.

Tyrone Hurt would sue anybody or anything.  He sued the Declaration of Independence, Black’s Law Dictionary, and the entire federal government.  He routinely would demand trillions of dollars in damages.  The court wrote of his “penchant for litigation as a form of costless entertainment.”

This month, however, a three-judge panel announced that enough is enough.  The court barred Hurt from filing any more civil appeals without paying the required filing fees.  “If Hurt wishes to continue wasting this Court’s time by appealing dismissals of his absurd and frivolous claims, he should have to do it on his own dime,” the unanimous panel wrote.

The panel also dismissed Hurt’s 44 pending appeals.

No word on whether Hurt still enjoys free filing at the district court.

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