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Getting Along (access required)

Maybe you’ve seen this scenario at a law firm (maybe yours): The new associate has joined the firm at full steam, acting as if she’s entitled to choose her own hours and take on the full responsibility of a case. ...

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VSB sinks mandatory insurance (access required)

STAUNTON—After wrestling with the issue of mandatory legal malpractice insurance for more than two years, the Virginia State Bar Council rejected the concept by a 60-11 vote. The vote at the council meeting on Oct. 17 at the Stonewall Jackson ...

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Bloggers dodge lawsuit (access required)

Two Christiansburg bloggers hit with a $10 million lawsuit by a local businessman may face another round in court after their initial victory this month. Meanwhile, the increasing numbers of such lawsuits has led a national organization to launch a ...

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Vote absentee…if you have a good excuse (access required)

(AP) Ever considered voting absentee? State and local election officials in Virginia wish you would. With an unprecedented tsunami of energized voters expected to flood the polls in an emotional, historic election, absentee voting could help you avoid the hassle ...

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