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AG candidate calls for early voting in Va.

One of the candidates for next year’s state attorney general election says it’s time for Virginia to adopt early voting.

Roanoke lawyer John P. Fishwick Jr. says Virginia should join the 30 or more states that currently allow unfettered early voting.  (Virginia does allow early voting by absentee ballot, but absentee voters must swear under oath that they have a valid excuse not to vote in person on Election Day.)

Virginia is now in the minority among states, Fishwick said.  “Let’s make it easier for people to vote.”

Fishwick, who hopes to challenge Del. Stephen C. Shannon, D-Fairfax, for the Democratic nomination for AG, says early voting is worth the cost to boost participation and provide convenience for voters. “It works.  It really increases participation,” he said.

Del. Robert H. Brink, D-Arlington, this year sponsored a bill to allow early voting in Virginia.  The bill died in committee in the Republican-controlled house.

By Peter Vieth

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