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Wild times in Culpeper

catThe Culpeper County supervisors must have felt like they were chasing their tails trying to make sense of the definitions in the new county animal code.  County Attorney Roy Thorpe was telling the board that they should update the county animal laws to make them conform with the state code.  Furthermore, Thorpe said that the “Dillon rule” prevented local revisions, no matter how well-advised.

The problem for the supervisors was that the state code definitions seemed to be contradictory.  A “companion animal” is defined to include any “feral” dog or cat, as long as the beast is under the care, custody or ownership of a person.   Some supervisors questioned how a feral cat could be a companion animal.

According to The Free Lance-Star, Thorpe summed up his definition of the “feral” law by saying: “A wild animal is not a wild animal unless it is wild.”

That’s good enough for us.

By Peter Vieth

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