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Med-mal cap won’t be issue in 2009

The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association was ready to fight for an increase in the cap on medical malpractice damages.

The Medical Society of Virginia was girding for battle as well.

Stay tuned until 2010.

The 1999 agreement that gradually raised the med-mal cap from $1 million to $2 million expired last summer. It appeared to be the top priority for the plaintiffs’ lawyers group.

But VTLA Executive Director Jack Harris says that the word has been passed to his group –and to the doctors — that the Assembly would really rather not deal with the cap in 2009. Something about a budget deficit and other pressing financial problems…

Although waiting another year will certainly satisfy the MSV, the VTLA is nothing if not savvy. This fight will be fought another day.

By Paul Fletcher

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  1. B. James Stinson

    I must have missed something. How is it savvy for the VTLA to meekly accept this postponement?

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