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Did she see it coming?

One of my memorable legal experiences was helping to sue a small-town psychic.  Imagine my surprise, a dozen years later, to learn that “Miss Stella” has become a well-known psychic scammer on both coasts.

I hadn’t given “Miss Stella” a thought in years.  It was 1996 when my firm’s client won a $65,000 judgment against Lola Rose “Stella” Miller in Roanoke Circuit Court.  Winning the case was easy.  The gypsy had fled with the client’s money, and there was no defendant in court to challenge our evidence.

The hard part would be to collect.  I was assigned the task of finding the elusive Miller and levying on any assets she might have.  I found her in the New York City area, but I was unable to persuade any New York attorneys to undertake a collections action against someone who dealt only in cash.

Fast forward to today.  I search daily for news items to include in VLW’s Daily Alert.  (Are you signed up?  Do it now!)  Today, my search produced a news item from San Jose, Calif., about sentencing for a psychic who took $108,000 from a woman by promising to improve her love life.

Turns out, the defendant is part of a family of fraudulent psychics led by none other than our old nemesis, Lola Miller.   Even better, Lola herself has been busted and faces sentencing on two felonies in January.

Alerting my old colleague to the Lola “sighting,” I told him that if he collected on our judgment, I would make him famous.

Ball’s in your court, Brad.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. I am aware of a similar family of psychics in Indiana. Is there a contact with whom I can discuss a case for a client who was frauded over $100,000?

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