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If only I’d let it be…

That must be what a Christiansburg woman has been thinking for the past seven months.

Here’s a lady who gets a parking ticket at a middle school for parking in the bus lanes.  Obviously displeased about the ticket, she yells back at the cop, “Drop dead, fat—,” as she drives away.

If only she had left it at that, she might have had just the ticket to contend with.

But that vitriolic outburst wasn’t enough for Mary Maxine Duncan.

She returned to the school not once, but twice that same day to loudly abuse the police officer and the school principal.  According to the testimony, as recounted by The Roanoke Times, Duncan made such a scene that crowds from both the middle school and a nearby high school gathered to watch.

The price for having her say was charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing.  She got no sympathy in district court, where she received a 90-day sentence.  Things went a little better yesterday with a jury in circuit court.  The judge dropped the disorderly conduct charge and the jury sentenced her to two days in jail and a $1,500 fine.

Enough time to think it over.

By Peter Vieth

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