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Tazewell County seeks to regulate windmills (access required)

BLUEFIELD—Tazewell County officials are crafting an ordinance aimed at regulating the development of windmill projects. Tazewell County Board of Supervisors member David Anderson says two companies are interested in building windmills on East River Mountain. One is actively pursuing development of up to 60, 400-foot windmills. Neither company has been identified. Anderson says the board tentatively plans to ...


  1. This is the best thing to happen in tazwell in the past 100 years alot of people are narrow minded look to the future for a source of power that dont pollute the earth also the windmills are not an eyesore they can put one in my backyard to replace my little one.

  2. this is a great progress for tazewell county, we need windmills it will help so many. i too would love to see one , the trees looks terrible in the winter, i really thing it would be a big improvement for tazewell county, people would come to see them , not to mention the money it would bring the county, and they are on top of the mountains . what if the people had not sold the leatherwood farm, they would be very liitle improvement around bluefield . like sedgewood , 2 lane road , the stores and reasturants not to mention a lot more that has been build on the leatherwood farm. i own a little on east river mt… sure i would go for the improvement and enjoy seeing the red lights . i hate the crows, here they are so many .. i been here 38 years have never seen an eagle.. and most people has sold there trees or cleared them out for the cattle to graze. i have lived in city believe me the trees are not that pretty compared to the bright lights… so let the people do what they wont to do with there land they bought it and pay there taxes it should be there right. not others to make a choice for them . if they so like the mountains tell them to plants trees in there yards and not cut them down. thank you hope you read this. the people that has land on east river mt wonts it windmills, the people who dont have land on east river dont wont it mostly because they cant get a windmill in there yards. barbara ashworth bluefield va .

  3. come on over and discuss this issue on Tell tazewell county…we’re talking about it too

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