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#10 – $1.7 million

Sarah Rodriguez//January 14, 2009

#10 – $1.7 million

Sarah Rodriguez//January 14, 2009//

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King v. John Crane Inc.

Type of Case: Asbestos, mesothelioma

Court: Newport News Circuit Court

Attorneys: Hugh B. McCormick III, Erin E. Hieronimus, Newport News

Summary: Plaintiff’s decedent, an 81-year-old retired boiler technician, died from mesothelioma in January 2004. Plaintiff’s attorneys contended that he was exposed to asbestos products manufactured by John Crane Inc. while working on boilers and other heating equipment at Fort Monroe between 1960 and 1973. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma less than a year before he died. Asbestos exposure is the only cause of mesothelioma, and the attorneys contended that John Crane should have been aware of the danger of exposure from asbestos during the period decedent worked with the material.

John Crane contended that the type of asbestos it manufactured did not cause mesothelioma and that the foreseeable use of its products produced less asbestos than is found in the ambient air. The judgment has been paid.

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