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Deathbed confession implicates former detective

The lead detective in the investigation of a brutal double murder in Staunton 41 years ago helped the killer bury the murder weapon and hide her guilt, according to the killer’s deathbed confession.

That was the account today from police officials in Staunton, who say they are working to find the gun and to check out the allegations about former investigator David Bocock.  Both Bocock and the confessed killer, Sharron Diane Crawford Smith, are now deceased.

Police officials say Smith shot her two co-workers at an ice cream store in 1967 because they taunted her for being a lesbian.   Smith was 18 at the time of the murders.  She died Sunday at the age of 60.

In an unusual arrangement, The News Leader newspaper in Staunton  set up an online video feed from today’s police news conference and relayed questions submitted by viewers.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. I find it unconscionable that anyone would murder someone who taunted them for being lesbian–almost as unconscionable as anyone who would taunt someone for being lesbian.

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