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Notice of Settlement? (access required)

Stephen T. Conrad’s legacy may be a requirement that insurance companies notify Virginia claimants when they send settlement funds to the claimants’ lawyers. But Conrad’s former clients are unlikely to recoup most of their losses from his larcenous practices. Conrad is the disbarred attorney from Prince William County now serving an 11-year prison sentence for stealing his ...

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  1. Payee notification is a great idea and necessary for the protection of the public.

    I cannot understand how any attorney can object to his or her client receiving notice of a fact that the attorney must give his or her client, in any event. Perhaps an exception needs to apply if the client has a reasonable need to keep his or her mailing address confidential from the payor, but the need for that in the real world would be extremely rare, in my opinion.

    The damage that dishonest attorneys do to the bar (even apart from the damage done to their clients) is too great to avoid these types of protections.

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