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Proposal would borrow the Virginia code for West Virginia

One West Virginia legislator has a simple proposal to get the changes he wants in the West Virginia code.  His one-page bill would have West Virginia substitute the Virginia code for the existing West Virginia statutes.

“By adopting Virginia’s laws, we would get capital punishment, right to work, tort reform – a whole raft of issues,” said Del. John Overington, R- Berkeley.

Of course, there would have to be some adjustments.  “[W]e’re not going to adopt their state flag, their state bird or the state tree or that type of thing,” Overington said.

From the article about Overington’s idea in The Register Herald, it sounds like his main issue is right-to-work.  He says many businesses will not consider locating in the Mountain State because of closed union shops.

“Neighboring Virginia has a more favorable business climate,” he said.

Thinking in a businesslike manner, we have to wonder if Virginia could charge a license fee for the use of its code.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. Overington has proposed this at least two times before. It’s clearly a gimmick meant to signal to his conservative constituents that he is anti-union and pro-death penalty.

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