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Prayer bill approved by House

The House of Delegates yesterday passed a bill to let police chaplains pray to Jesus Christ, but the governor is threatening a veto.

According to The Free Lance-Star, the issue arose after a federal appeals court upheld a Fredericksburg City Council ban on referring to Jesus Christ in council meeting prayers. Six Virginia State police chaplains resigned in protest after they were directed to avoid denominational prayer at public events.

Del. Charles Carrico, R-Greyson, introduced a bill that says the state police may operate a volunteer chaplain program but may not regulate how those chaplains express religious beliefs.

Carrico and other supporters say the bill protects the First Amendment rights of police chaplains to pray according to their own religion. Opponents argue that requiring nondenominational prayers at public events protects freedom of religion for other attendees at such events.

Posted by Sarah Rodriguez

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    In actuality – just how many people in a public group are going to be offended if “Jesus” is included in the prayer vs how many people will be offended if he is banned…. I am confused… I thought this country was built on the idea of “In God We Trust.” Besides this … tell me again – why did the pilgrims come to America?……

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