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Update on Judge Finch of Fairfax

Fairfax Circuit Judge Gaylord L. Finch Jr. wasn’t included on the list of judges to be reelected by the General Assembly on Jan. 22.

The Northern Virginia delegation asked the House and Senate Courts committees to hold back certification, pending their review of his record. Domestic relations litigants and a group of parents who opposed a school board plan for redistricting school boundaries had complained about the judge’s handling of their cases.

While some other judgeships have been filled by the Assembly, Finch, whose eight-year term expires this summer, remained in limbo.

Apparently, a deal has been struck. Del. David B. Albo, R-Fairfax and chair of the House Courts committee, told Virginia Lawyers Weekly this afternoon that an understanding has been reached.

Finch will be reelected for another term, according to Albo. The judge will retire at the end of 2009. Albo noted that under this arrangement, essentially the judge will serve five more months on the bench than he would have had.

Reporting by Alan Cooper, posted by Paul Fletcher

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