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Tort – Defamation – Sewer Line Protest (access required)

An advocate for a sewer line district in Chesterfield County cannot sue other county residents for defamation for their statements in letters objecting to the proposal that plaintiff advocate was employed by “developers,” sought to “ram an unwanted and unneeded ...

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Is ‘binding mediation’ a new solution? (access required)

No dispute resolution procedure is perfect. Litigation is expensive, protracted, public and risky. Arbitration has become essentially a private litigation with most of its attendant ills, and, even when conducted closer to its original, relatively-streamlined procedures, it is still expensive ...

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E-Verify rule shelved until at least May (access required)

The federal government has again delayed implementation of a rule requiring all companies working on federal contracts to electronically check the legal working status of their employees through the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system. The rule was originally set ...

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