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A real “Super Lawyer” would be ready for trial

bargerAs a lawyer, you have the right to advertise your accolades — but they may be used against you in a court of law.

That’s what McLean attorney David G. Barger (right) found when federal prosecutors opposed his continuance motion with a brief that noted his listing as a “Super Lawyer.”

Barger had moved to postpone the March corruption trial of former Page County Sheriff Daniel Presgraves.   The government “strongly” opposed the delay.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas J. Bondurant  Jr. dismissed the idea that additional time was needed for new co-counsel, noting that Barger is a partner in a large large firm (Williams Mullen) and “presumably has daily access to a horde of eager, smart, hard working associates to assist in this case.”

Moreover,  as Bondurant noted in a footnote, Barger “touts himself as a ‘Super Lawyer’ on his website.”

Barger’s super powers notwithstanding, Judge Glen E. Conrad granted his motion for a continuance.  The Presgraves trial now is scheduled for September 16.

By Peter Vieth

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