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Prosecutor seeks permission to speak out

While defenders of a teenaged boy convicted of rape have been publicly proclaiming his innocence, the prosecutor still is forbidden to respond out of court.

Stafford Circuit Judge J. Martin Bass stayed a juvenile court judge’s ruling yesterday, blocking Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Olsen from commenting on the records of a teen he prosecuted on a rape charge, reports The Free Lance-Star.

The teen’s alleged victim recanted her accusation more than two months after he was convicted. The boy has since been released from the Department of Juvenile Justice, but child advocacy attorneys are still working to get his conviction overturned and his name removed from the sex offender registry.

In a Feb. 5 Free Lance-Star article, the defense team laid out details on what they believed was a wrongful conviction. Olsen called the information “inaccurate and incomplete,” and is seeking permission to comment publicly on the case. At issue is the mental capacity of both the teen and the alleged victim.

Defense attorneys argued that allowing the prosecutor to speak could lead to the release of their client’s confidential information.

Judge Bass has scheduled a full appeal of the matter for April 17.

By Sarah Rodriguez

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  1. Isn’t it about time that we stop destroying our youth and those who have committed themselves to be upright and law abiding citizens?

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