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Con-woman convicted in Loudoun County ‘Unsolved Mystery’

Justice is finally served for a Maryland man whose body was found in Loudoun County thirteen years ago.

Nancy Jean Siegel, a woman who allegedly spent much of her life stealing and spending other people’s money, has been convicted of murder in a Baltimore courtroom.

A U.S. District Court jury found Siegel guilty on 20 counts, reports The Baltimore Sun, including mail, wire and bank fraud; identity theft; and the strangulation death of her former companion, 75-year-old Jasper Frederick Watkins.

Watkins’ body was discovered in an abandoned trunk near the Appalachian Trail in 1996, but wasn’t identified until 2003. In 2001, the case gained national attention when it was featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Siegel was arrested in 2004 after authorities discovered she was cashing Watkins’ social security checks.

Additionally, she had fraudulently opened lines of credit with the identities of dozens of people, including her daughters and ex-husbands, and stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seigel faces life in prison. Her sentencing is scheduled for April 23.

By Sarah Rodriguez

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  1. In addition to the compelling facts, this case has an interesting legal history as well. As mentioned in my blog, Fraud With Peril, the District Judge was reversed by the Fourth Circuit after he suppressed much of the government’s evidence.

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