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Drug court defendant’s MySpace bust

A drug court defendant has been bounced from the program for breaking rules, including MySpace postings that joked about drug and alcohol abuse.

Charged in Spotsylvania County with possession of heroin and marijuana, defendant Judson Jeffrey Harris pleaded guilty in August 2006 to the heroin charge in exchange for dismissal of the marijuana charge and admission into the Rappahannock Area Regional Drug Treatment Court.

But he only lasted a year in the program. The commonwealth said Harris had received sanctions for violation of drug court rules in all but two months of his participation. The prosecutor also said Harris’ MySpace web page “contained several videos and postings discussing drug use and alcohol abuse in a joking fashion.”

Harris admitted the My Space postings were “a stupid mistake,” and argued they should not discount his otherwise good progress as a drug court participant.

The Court of Appeals upheld the order sending Harris to jail in an unpublished opinion released March 10.

Defense lawyers: Counsel your clients lucky enough to get a drug court break that court personnel may not share their sense of humor.
By Deborah Elkins

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