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Dead men tell no tales, usually

File this one in the “Headlines I’m Really Glad I Didn’t Write” drawer.

One of Jay Leno’s more amusing and longstanding features on “The Tonight Show” is his skewering of bad headline writing.

A few weeks back, Leno nailed a doozy from The Express-Times of Leigh Valley, Pa. The story’s head was:

Homicide victims rarely talk to police

They probably don’t, usually. But the piece was about a gunshot victim who lived long enough to provide details about her shooting before she died. Doesn’t happen too often, but it did in this case. So the headline actually wasn’t wrong, technically.

Maybe the Web editor at The Express-Times saw it differently from his print colleague. Or maybe the paper just didn’t like Leno’s needle.

Anyway, look for the article on the Pennsylvania paper’s site, and it now bears this head:

Unique homicide case


– Paul Fletcher

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