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Judicial evaluations not so dead?

Despite the word from Chief Justice Leroy Hassell that the Supreme Court’s judicial evaluation program is in a “winding up” status, the chief says he still wants my opinion.

That is to say, I have received another letter over Hassell’s signature, this one dated April 3, saying I have been selected to participate in the Judicial Performance Evaluation Program.  As with similar letters over the past few years, I am told to expect an evaluation form for a particular judge in about two weeks.

We are told that the court is still in the process of winding up the program, but judicial evaluations that were underway will be completed, with survey results forwarded to the judges in question.

In case I don’t get the evaluation form, I can report that the judge in question rendered a very fair award for my (slightly) injured client, but the client thought he was robbed big time.  I hope that helps.

By Peter Vieth

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