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Washington divided, Cantor tells bar

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor told the Richmond Bar Association today that Washington is “very divided – much more divided than need be and much more divided than the country at large.”  

Cantor’s 7th Congressional District includes part of Richmond, and he told the association’s Law Day luncheon crowd, “It’s great for me to be home.”

He said the economic uncertainty is the reason for much of the divisiveness and predicted, “How we remove ourselves from this turmoil will depend very largely on a very popular President.”

Although he acknowledged that many key issues have been decided by strictly partisan votes, he insisted that Republicans are not just being negative and obstructionist. “This President’s got the ability to bring people together,” he said, and it is important for Republicans to help ensure that he does so responsibly.

After his talk, Cantor (right) chatted with association members and their guests, including Jay Weinberg, who was among a group of members  recognized for having practiced law for 50 years, and Weinberg’s wife, Marilyn.

By Alan Cooper

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