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VSB Council members chosen

The results are in from the elections for Virginia State Bar Council.

In the contested elections:

I. Lionel Hancock III defeated incumbent Mary G. Commander by three votes, 178 to 175, in Norfolk.

Incumbents W. David Harless, John T. Sharer and Hugh T. Antrim were reelected in Richmond and O. Randolph Rollins and Doris Henderson Causey were elected to replace Irving M. Blank and Bruce M. Marshall, whose terms will expire at the end of June.

In Arlington, incumbent Adam D. Elfenbein was reelected, and David A. Oblon replaced Raymond M. Benzinger, whose term will expire.

In Alexandria, Nina J. Ginsberg was elected to replace John K. Zwerling, whose term will expire, and incumbent Jean K. Niebauer will return. She and Alan S. Anderson, who was attempting to return to council after a year’s absence, each received 98 votes, but Anderson indicated that he would defer to Niebauer.

In Fairfax, incumbents Andrea L. Bridgeman and Michael W. Robinson were re-elected, and Catherine M. Reese and two persons who had previously served on council, Peter D. Greenspun and Susan M. Pesner, were elected to new terms. They replace Richard J. Colten, Richard C. Sullivan and Carol J. Schrier-Polak, whose terms will expire.

Patrick B. McDermott was reelected to a second term at a meeting of the Hampton bar.

Unopposed incumbents are:

W. Richard Hairfield in Chesterfield and Colonial Heights, Bruce T. Clark in the 16th Circuit and Joseph E. Wolfe in the 30th Circuit.

Unopposed newcomers are:

Roger T. Creager and Thomas A. Edmonds in Henrico. They will replace Daniel L. Rosenthal and Rhysa G. South, whose terms will expire.

Tracy A. Giles in the 23rd Circuit, who will succeed David B. Carson.

Roy F. Evans Jr. in the 28h Circuit, who will replace Robert V. Ward.

By Alan Cooper

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