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Three amigos

The phrase “three amigos” might not conjure up an image of three circuit judges, much less judges in large sombreros – until now that is.

Judges David V. Williams of Martinsville, David A. Melesco of Danville and Clifford R. Weckstein of Roanoke (left to right) agreed to what they called a freewheeling discussion at last week’s meeting of the Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys at the Boar’s Head Inn near Charlottesville.

The topic: “What Lawyers Should Do (And Don’t), Shouldn’t Do (But Do Anyway) And Should Know (But Don’t).”

Among those topics was the disregard, usually with the acquiescence of opposing counsel, of Rule 4:15 on Motions Practice and the frustration of judges over the dwindling number of trials. “The truth is that we all love trials more than anything else we do,” Melesco said. “We feel like we just refereed in the locker room, and nobody gets on the playing field.”

Maybe so, one attorney responded, but with the push for judicial settlement conferences and jawboning by judges to resolve cases, judges appear to be “frustrated we’re not settling more of them.”

By Alan Cooper

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