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Judge upholds county ban on adoption of pit bulls (access required)

LEESBURG—A Loudoun County judge has upheld a policy prohibiting county-run animal shelters from offering pit bulls for public adoption. Circuit Court Judge Burke F. McCahill ruled that publicly funded shelters are not required to make all breeds available for adoption. A Norfolk-based animal rescue group and a Sterling man had sued the county in an effort to ...

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  1. Norma Dofflemyer

    I reside in Front Royal, Va. where I do not understand why there are back yard puppy mills. There are no laws to stop the obvious exploitation of pitbulls. The puppies are being sold unregulated for $200 apiece for a few years now. The perpetrators of this very obvious “crime” have a relative that works for the Sheriff’s dept. Everyone in the neighborhood has a pitbull pup now, and no one is regulating them to see what happens to them. Several of them have ended up being kept stuck in an apartment where they hardly ever seee the light of day, and others have gone to people who are allowed to abuse and treat them any way they see fit. The animal shelters are so over run with unwanted animals that they don’t want pitbulls simply because they are difficult to get rid of. This town is it’s own worse enemy because as long as it’s anything goes there will be plenty of undesirables willing to breed their pitbulls to death to finance their drug/alcohol habits. After making many complaints the animal wardens tell me it is a part of nature to have to see the breeding parties right out in my neighbors front yard for all of the children to see. People in the neighborhood have seen the dog abused but fear retaliation if they complain. Front Royal is polluted with pitbulls, and we have people riding around with boxes of puppies being sold from their cars. There is no easy solution to this debacle. Whoever is supposed to be looking out for these animals must be asleep behing the wheel. Someone from the outside should come in here and clean things up. The problem has been ignored for so long now. Tell animal rescue to come here and rescue the pitbulls in this town. no other breed has been more exploited.

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