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UIM coverage tapped for pedestrian injuries – $295,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, a retired Fairfax County elementary school teacher, age 69, was struck by defendant’s motor vehicle in a crosswalk at the Twinbrook Shopping Center in Fairfax County. She suffered a slit depressed (10mm) lateral left tibial plateau fracture and large tear to her left lateral meniscus. The plaintiff submitted to an open reduction and internal ...

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  1. I just had a comment about the Twinbrooke Shopping Center Layout. Im so unhappy with the way this shopping center allows metro buses to park one behind the other and completely block the view from twinbrook Run Drive onto Twinbrooke Drive. There is an accident waiting to happen, or someone will run over a pedestrian as these buses have no sense of caution when parking and driving away from their stop. I am also upset as the Fairfax County Public school bus for the middle and highschool stops exactly at that corner and kids have to walk at that intersection. I do hope someone can help us make the transportation department be aware of a possible accicent. Who do we approach about this, who will listen, does the school system even cares after all the calls we have made……??? Its puzzling to see what we can prevent but noone really cares…

    A concern Fx. Co. Citizen

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