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Supreme Court unveils Web site

It’s up and certainly spiffier.

The Supreme Court of Virginia’s new interface for its Web site makes extensive use of layered menus and appears to be much easier to navigate for those with a steady hand on the mouse.

Much of the information that is available is in the old format after you drill down through the menus, and the “Opinion” button that takes you to appellate opinions is still conveniently on the home page and in just about the same position on that page.

The search page for judges is much improved and includes circuit court clerks and chief magistrates.

The menus take you to the same docket information pages for general district courts and for those circuit courts for which the clerks have elected to make the information available over the Internet.

That means the docket information continues to be much more limited than what is available on federal court sites. Of course you can access what is there without being registered with the court or paying PACER fees. Check it out and tell us what you think.

By Alan Cooper

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