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A Richmond street scene

I was walking down Main Street in Richmond one sunny lunchtime about a week ago. It was one of those Richmond-in-June days…humid, temp around 80, not bad but you know it’s going to get ugly before long.

Standing in line to get cart food were two guys in their mid to late 20s. Both were in seersucker suits that looked new; one was a light blue and the other gray. Bowties ruled the day, allowing them to show off the crisp starch of their dry-cleanered white shirts. Both had expensive sunglasses: one guy had just a shock of fashionably long hair falling over one lens.

They looked like they were working hard to blend in and, if perhaps a bit overdressed, they succeeded. On a summery day in downtown Richmond, you won’t see that many men wearing a tie, let alone a jacket. It wasn’t that long ago a friend who worked at one of the big firms told me that the office code for men was always to wear a jacket when you went out at lunch, and you always buttoned the button. Even in 90-degree heat. But times do change, thankfully.

I overheard them talking to each other. Casual hail-goodfellow talk, each eager to please and be solicitous of the other. They sounded like two guys who had been thrown together about a week before and were working at becoming friends.

Count on summer to bring four things: Fireflies, corn on the cob, peaches and summer law clerks.

A word of advice to the two guys in seersucker: Work hard and try to enjoy your summer. I hope you get your offer in August.

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