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Twitter is like the Macarena?

Larry Bodine, a well-known and well-respected law firm consultant, doesn’t like Twitter. He recently kicked up a storm on the Internet, essentially arguing that the social media outlet has little value for law firms.

He was in Richmond earlier this week, talking to the Virginias Legal Marketing Association. I didn’t go, but all my sales staff did and I got a report: Larry remains unconvinced about the service.

Twitter, Bodine said, is like the Macarena (the arm-folding, bouncing dance craze of 1996, for those who somehow have forgotten). Here today, popular today, likely to pass.

I must admit I tweet (@paulfletcher, if you want to follow me), but not all too often.

I logged on today and there was a comment defending Twitter: “Twittering is like hugging. Just because it’s hard to measure the return on investment doesn’t mean there isn’t value there.”

Hmm. Okay, so Larry won that round.

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