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Covering vital legal issues of our day

E-mail. I get a lot of it. Some good, some junk.

Sometimes it’s a press release touting some new product that lawyers can’t do without (the good ones go to our ad department for prospecting…others get the delete key).

And sometimes it’s a press release for a seminar. For the most part, these get the boot, too. Then there are those that raise vital legal issues of our day and deserve due attention.  Take for example, the invite I got this morning to a conference on “Wine Law in America.” It will be held next month at the Fairmont Mission Inn and Spa in Sonoma, Calif., a town I have visited twice and know for a fact is pretty close to heaven on this earth.

The conference will cover “Intellectual Property in the Wine Business” and “Understanding Entitlements and Regulatory Costs and Timelines” for the wine industry. There’s also a session on “How to Get Into the Wine Business.” Maybe, I daydreamed, someone needed to go and get the skinny in Sonoma.

The invite urgently noted that there’s only one seat left. Just as I was thinking maybe I needed to call my own number for this one, I checked the date: It’s the same weekend at the VBA meeting at The Homestead.

Okay, the Virginia mountains are pretty close to heaven, too.

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