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Jury acquits man accused of killing Roanoke lawyer

A Roanoke County jury tonight refused to convict a man charged with manslaughter and hit-and-run in the death of Roanoke lawyer Tom Farrell last year.

Neil Horn, lawyer for defendant Jeffery Young, argued the commonwealth failed to prove Young’s car was involved in the incident.  There was little evidence linking Young’s car to the scene of Farrell’s fatal injury, but a host of witnesses who saw Young behaving oddly before and after the incident.  The witnesses observed damage to Young’s car after the accident that was not seen beforehand.

The jury returned its verdict after nearly nine hours of deliberation, during which the defense moved for a mistrial because some jurors had inadvertently viewed information about a similar incident allegedly involving Young, according to The Roanoke Times.  The judge took the motion under advisement and allowed the jury to continue its deliberations.

By Peter Vieth

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