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Cuccinelli, Shannon face off in AG debate (access required)

VIRGINIA BEACH—Ken Cuccinelli and Steve Shannon share many similarities. Both represent Northern Virginia in the General Assembly. In fact, Cuccinelli’s Senate district overlaps Shannon’s House district in three precincts. Both are making their first statewide run for office at a young age – Cuccinelli is 40, Shannon 38. Both attended Gonzaga High School, overlapping there by one year. Both are ...


  1. Cuccinelli stating he has learned about the A.G office from “the tip of the spear ” is true ,but only if you would count his mistakes and mishandeling of issues,which include the non filing of documents and failure to serve properly; abandonement;.due to the fatal mistakes made handeling issues. DONT BE FOOLED BY THIS MAN! this is just the “tip of the iceburg” thank you

  2. Ken Cuccinelli promises to be an active and engaged attorney general. As Bob McDonnell has shown the Attorney General’s Office is becoming more and more important in the struggle over government’s role in the lives of Virginians. He is a man proven right on the issues based on his legislative voting record (FamilyFoundation.org) with 92 percent record of standing up for life and liberty whereas Steve Shannon has a miserable 23 percent. I actually count Cuccinelli’s record as 100 percent because I disagree with the Family Foundation on the one issue they marked him down for. It’s an economic freedom thing. I am especially impressed by Cuccinelli’s willingness to stand on principle – even if it costs him. For too long we have lacked such character in public office.

  3. Ernestine Scott

    I am glad that you are willing to stand up to others, defend the unborn, and the covenant of marriage.

  4. Steve Shannon’s stated debate position that the AG is only elected to do the governor’s bidding and support the legistlature’s requests and not to address policy issues is a typical politician cop out and a refusal to take a stand or position on controversial issues that Virginians feel strongly and care about such as same sex marriage, , states’ rights, gun ownership, and free speech from the pulpit regarding homosexual activity.

    It’s very easy for a politician to be strongly against things everyone is against, like gangs, and strongly for things that everyone favors, like Amber Alerts. It takes the moral courage voters want to see in an AG to state a position on issues voters are divided on. The necessary decisions of the AG as to how to apply the resources of the office have a very large impact on Virginia traditions and voters deserve to know how candidates will deploy their resources on issues.

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