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Lawyers say ‘No, thanks’ to Macs

The unhip PC promoter may be losing out in the Mac v. PC commercials, but PCs appear to be clear winners with Virginia lawyers.

In the results of a tech survey released today by the Virginia State Bar, only 9.3 percent of the 300 survey respondents use a Mac operating system, while 82.2 percent use Windows XP and 26.3 percent have Windows Vista.

Nearly 80 percent of respondents use Outlook for e-mail, with 20 percent using some form of Web-based e-mail. Over 84 percent use Microsoft Word for word processing, while 10.7 percent use WordPerfect.

More than 80 percent of the respondents are from solo and small firms, according to the report by VSB tech committee chair Sharon Nelson.

Here are some additional stats that may give pause to law office management consultants: Nearly 60 percent of the respondents do not use any case management software. Over 83 percent have no e-discovery review software; 31 percent have no technology policies and 41 percent back up their files on an external hard drive.

When it comes to legal research, no single source will do, but the top choice among respondents was Fastcase for 53.7 percent of the respondents, with 42.3 percent for Lexis-Nexis, 32.1 percent for WestLaw and 26 percent for FindLaw.

Deborah Elkins

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